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10:00 pm, January 16

Golden State making the NBA fun to watch this year

I am not that big of a fan of the NBA.

There’s a reason that there aren’t that many NBA posts in my blog section. It’s just something that just get me going the way other sports do. I prefer the high school and college game more (or at least I did before this season. Thanks refs!) with a little more defense and lack of timeouts.

But even I, a guy who couldn’t care less about the Association, can’t help but watch what the Golden State Warriors are doing to start this season. To see them going out and winning as many games as they have and still having fun with it is really exciting to watch, even from an uninterested observer’s point of view.

The streak ended Saturday night in Milwaukee, but the storyline that will continue to surround them as the season wears on as they try to beat the 1996 Chicago Bulls’ mark of 72 wins in a season is going to be huge for the NBA, even as it competes with the NFL and college football bowl season.

First off, I should be exhibit A for how much the Warriors’ streak has helped the NBA get great press amongst a lot of competition. Around this time of the year, my mind is as far away from the NBA. It’s usually stuck on getting through finals, watching college football and college basketball.

But that hasn’t exactly been the case this year. I’ve actually stuck around to watch some of the games and have been thoroughly intrigued by this run. In cases when watching SportsCenter where they would talk about the Warriors and the NBA, I’m not turning it off like I normally would.

And I feel like that’s how the rest of the country has been. It’s not a crazy hysteria like there was with the whole LeBron James fiasco. Instead, it’s been more of a low key, from afar intrigue for many people. And no matter the

And this is all because it’s such a fun team to watch. They do crazy things. Steph Curry hits insane shots every night. Klay Thompson makes almost everything he puts up. They are very laid back, or so it seems, it the way they go about things on the court and off it, a drastic comparison to the tight ship that the San Antonio Spurs do things (though that isn’t a slight to the Spurs).

But whether or not this has a long-term impact on the league remains to be seen. Yes, this team has a championship, but can they win it again and can they sustain that success as long as, say, the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s? The moment they fall off the table and back towards where they were before a few years ago, this hype and hoopla will go away.

At the moment, however, the Warriors are nothing but a positive for the NBA. They’ve got people talking about the NBA despite everything going on and they have the potential to be the most dominant storyline in all of sports for the start of next year.

Not bad for a laid-back team from a laid-back state.

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